Navigating FIDO Security Keys into the Future

eWBM is a fabless SoC company which provides security microcontrollers and modules for FIDO2 Goldengate Series Keys and variety of IoT applications such as Secure LoRa Module, Secure Sensor to Ethernet module, Secure NB-IoT module, and Secure IP Cameras. The next generation security SoC chip, MS1200, will be introduced in 2019. Designed with a complete root-of-trust HSM, security SoC chip will provide industry's highest security.

eWBM Goldengate series keys have achieved FIDO2 Level2 certification because of the features implemented in MS500. The features are capable of effectively fending off potential security threats during the booting process by restricting hackers from altering the program for their own benefit. Equipped with a device unique key (DUK) that is programmed, altered with combinatory logic, and written into device’s e-fuse, MS500 incorporates reliable storage security. All the security protocol keys are then encrypted and stored securely using the DUK, empowering the clients with robust mechanism against potential threats. Taking things one step further, MS500 coupled with eWBM’s futuristic MS1200 utilizes standard non-lightweight cryptography engines that offload CPUs from heavy computations without compromising on memory and performance.

eWBM strives to leverage MS500 and next generation MCUs and aims to continuously improve and deliver more secure, more efficient and highly reliable FIDO2 security keys working collaboratively with companies in IT and security industories to seamlessly transition into passwordless login environment.

It is crucial for FIDO2 security keys and solutions to be ‘secure by design’, and with eWBM's self-designed MCU, we fully deliver on that