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eWBM to unveil FIDO Certified Fingerprint Authenticator at RSA 2018 in San Francisco

The Compact and portable security USB device comes with fingerprint authentication technology. The product provides superior experiences in the field of corporations, commercial banks, governments, or general consumer market that requires security controls.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The fabless SoC company is announcing a new product, eFA500, the eWBM FIDO Authenticator, which comes in the form of a traditional USB token. The device is also ready for the FIDO2 protocol, which was newly announced by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The new product is powered by eWBM's security SoC MS500, which contains hardwired crypto engines, secure storage and secure boot structures. Its low power consumption design also provides developers with a perfect choice towards advanced fingerprint security devices.

"eWBM's FIDO authenticator is a compact and portable security device," said Dr. Stephen Oh, chief executive officer of eWBM. "It also facilitates strong authentication functions that enable convenient and effective establishment of FIDO authentication for secure access to remote resources, such as cloud servers and online services." Designed with Secure Hardware Root of Trust, TRNG, and hardwired crypto accelerator engines, the device supports secure booting, secure storage, and secure digital key management features. The dongle comes with an efficient and powerful fingerprint recognition algorithm for user accessibility. Combined with step-up capabilities, fingerprint technology and X.509 certificate solutions, the device provides the FIDO-certified authentication feature for customers from corporations, commercial banks, government institutes, or any other general consumer markets that requiresecurity controls. The company supplies the USB dongle products as well as all other FIDO device products in numerous form factors, including smart cards, mobile apps and hardware tokens.

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