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Precise Biometrics Tech Powers eWBM’s FIDO2-Certified USB Key

eWBM recently made headlines when the company’s Goldengate 500 Security Key became the first USB device to achieve FIDO2 Level 2 Authenticator Security Certification. Now Precise Biometrics has given us a look beneath the surface, announcing that eWBM licensed the Precise BioMatch Embedded fingerprint algorithm for the Goldengate 500.

According to Precise, the deal will not have a significant financial impact for the company, although it does mean that Precise tech is powering the FIDO Alliance’s first L2-certified device. That’s obviously a major milestone for Precise and eWBM, even if it doesn’t make much of an impact during Precise’s upcoming Annual General Meeting in May.

The Goldengate 500 offers password-free authentication, and is designed to guard against phishing, account takeovers, and other malware attacks. Precise’s fingerprint algorithm is an essential piece of the puzzle that powers the device’s biometric capabilities.

Much of Precise’s business is focused on the biometric cards market, but the company hopes to expand its multi-modal portfolio in the coming years, and has already provided a software solution for a new Hyundai car. For its part, eWBM has been a staunch supporter of FIDO2 as a post-password initiative, and recently joined the Board of Directors of the FIDO Alliance.

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