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eWBM Goldengate Security Keys

Security is part of our DNA

Goldengate Series Security Keys

The eWBM Goldengate series security keys are USB biometric hardware keys. The keys are made for FIDO2 authentication with extensive security features and the fastest in class fingerprint recognition algorithm. Our keys are the most secure, fastest, and most affordable choice in keeping your online accounts safe. Goldengate series security keys.

World's First and Only FIDO2 Level2 Certified Security Keys

Certified with the FIDO2 Level 2 Standard, Goldengate keys provide the benefit of true passwordless login. Using a FIDO2 security key provides protection against phishing, account takeover, man-in-the-middle attacks, as well as other online hacking attacks.

Secure By Design

eWBM leverages our own architected MS500 micro-controller unit. We aim to become the most secure and reliable FIDO2 security key manufacturer, delivering maximum security with the highest level of performance. eWBM is working closely with prominent industry leaders to seamlessly transition to a passwordless world. eWBM is a Board Member of the FIDO Alliance and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA).